Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 1-day free access to allow you to experience our innovative Bitmana PaaS.

  • Public IPv4 cannot be assigned in trial
  • Docker cannot be used in Trial
  • Maximum 3 environments can be created
  • Per node maximum 8 cloudlets or 1GB RAM
  • Maximum 2 nodes per layer.

What is a Bitmana environment?

Bitmana groups your application containers into environments. This is just a collection of containers (servers) all devoted to serving the same application(s) or website(s); Bitmana automatically configures links between these servers on your behalf (for example, if you have a load balancer, it's automatically configured to send traffic to the web servers within the same environment).

Each server within your Bitmana environment is dedicated 100% to you - you don't share with any other customer - meaning that you always enjoy maximum performance, flexibility, and security.

Can I host multiple domains?

Bitmana is intended for large single domain hosting inside each environment, however it is possible to host multiple domains by creating multiple separate environments, or inside a single environment by configuring virtual hosts in your web server configuration. Our friendly support team can help you to set this up.

If you are planning to host a large number of small domains on a single environment we recommend our Cloud VPS range as a more appropriate solution, which is designed to efficiently support multiple-domains on one server.

How is Bitmana secure?

Bitmana uses secure containers so that you do not have the management headache of kernel, patches, updates. We secure your container ports by default and provide you an easy to use web based firewall. Your account can be protected via additional Two-Factor Authentication.

What resources do I pay for with Bitmana?

All Bitmana costs are based on usage not allocation - meaning you pay for resources consumed, and not for requesting that resources are made available to you (how it works elsewhere).
There are only 5 resources you have to pay for on our Bitmana PaaS:

  • Cloudlets
  • Disk space (first 20 GB is free!)
  • Traffic (first 1 GB/hour is free!)
  • Public IP addresses
  • Licenses for special softwares (Optional)

What is a cloudlet?

A cloudlet is a composite billing unit comprised of 128MB RAM and 400 MHz CPU. Each Bitmana server has multiple cloudlets assigned to it, e.g. 8 cloudlets would give you 1GB RAM and 3.2GHz CPU power.
The number of cloudlets assigned to your servers at any one time varies based on the resource demands of your application.

How do I know my cloudlet usage?

You can view real-time cloudlet consumption in the dashboard alongside your environment, and each individual server within it.
The dashboard also shows real-time graphs of CPU, RAM, network, and disk space consumption for each server within your Bitmana environments.
You'll be surprised how optimized resources you actually use to run your application.

How many cloudlets do I need?

That's exactly the point - you can't know this in advance. That's why buying resource allocations is a bad idea, and why it's much better to pay for your actual resource usage instead - by using our Bitmana PaaS (so you don't need to predict the future!).

The best way to see how much resources your application actually needs is to try it on our platform. Set reserved to 0 (Zero) and dynamic to maximum.

How many cloudlets do I need?

All internal data transfer between servers in our Bitmana PaaS is free of charge.

Can I deploy applications using git?

Yes! Bitmana has full integration with git and svn, including support for git submodules and automated deployment

Can I upload and deploy applications via the dashboard?

Yes! You can upload applications manually via the deployment manager in your Bitmana Dashboard. These files can be in zip, war or rar format and can be deployed to any new and existing environments you have.

Can I manage my servers using FTP/FTPS?

Yes! you can connect to your servers using FTP/FTPS.

Can I access the servers via SSH?

Yes! You can login via Web based SSH in Bitmana Dashboard or via Putty/Terminal. The Bitmana dashboard also provides you with full access to edit major service configuration files (e.g. server.xml, php.ini, my.cnf, httpd.conf) right from your browser.

Which control panel do you offer?

Bitmana includes a highly innovative control panel which allows you to create an environment, and deploy your own multiple server infrastructure in just a few clicks. There's no control panel with the same features already out there, so this is bespoke.

Which control panel do you offer?

Bitmana includes a highly innovative control panel which allows you to create an environment, and deploy your own multiple server infrastructure in just a few clicks. There's no control panel with the same features already out there, so this is bespoke.

What database servers do you support?

We support both SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Redis) database servers. We also support graph databases such as Neo4j, and OrientDB.

Do you support load-balancing?

Yes, you can enable and deploy a fully configurable load-balancer easily via the dashboard in just two clicks!

Do you support caching?

Yes, we support both Memcached and Redis (application cache and session replication)

Can I run scheduled tasks?

Yes, we have full support for cron. You can easily edit your crontab using the Bitmana Dashboard, or via SSH.

Can I edit the server configuration files?

You have full access to edit configuration files for all of your application servers. Our support team will be glad to advise you if you need any assistance with tuning these files.

What if I want to use software not supported by Bitmana?

You can add an Elastic VPS to your Bitmana environment (paid accounts only). This provides a plain, CentOS , Ubuntu or Windows server with full root SSH or Administrator RDP access for you to install and run any software you need. Elastic VPS resource usage is charged in exactly the same way (cloudlets) as the other Bitmana PaaS servers. You can also use our connection to Docker Hub to automatically deploy any Dockerized application.

Please note that the Elastic VPS is a completely self-managed server and it is your responsibility to maintain and secure the server.

The concept behind the Bitmana PaaS is to free you from the headaches of server administration, so if there is a critical feature or function missing we would love to hear from you so we can consider adding this functionality to Bitmana in the future.

Can I share access to my environment with my developer?

Yes! You can share selected environments with your colleagues or a third-party developer, and optionally give them permission to create new environments on your account.

Is the platform fully managed?

Yes, we fully manage your Bitmana infrastructure in accordance with our competitor-busting SLA. We give you direct access to configuration files for your application servers (e.g. php.ini, my.cnf, etc.), so you can customise your configuration at any time whilst we manage the platform behind the scenes to ensure maximum platform reliability.

Do you backup my data?

Backups are included free of charge and without storage limits. We take backups once per day and keep a copy of your backups for 14 days.

All backups are stored on our secure private backup network which is completely isolated from customers' services. Our backup system provides regular system snapshots using a highly sophisticated incremental backup mechanism. This minimises the amount of load placed on your system during the backup process such that there is no noticeable impact to server performance.

How is Bitmana billed?

By default all Bitmana PaaS accounts are prepaid, so you avoid the risk of any surprise bills. Simply purchase account credits in $1 or more. Usage charges are debited from your account balance on an hourly basis (in arrears).

What payment options do you provide/accept?

We accept all major international debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

You can optionally configure Bitmana to automatically refill your account balance using your credit card or PayPal payment agreement whenever your balance drops below a configurable threshold.

Is there a minimum contract period?

We have no minimum contract period. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with us, so we have no lock-in of any kind! Your prepaid account credit can be used for Bitmana services without any obligation to make any further payment.