What is Bitmana?

Bitmana is the modern PaaS powered by Jelastic - a next generation DevOps platform.
With a few clicks, your application is ready. Within seconds you can enable auto-scaling. You can also set up High Availability and Database clusters easily.
Bitmana includes extensive suite of apps, templates, and tools to save developer time. Integrates with Git, Ant, Maven, Composer for efficient development of Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Golang, and Node.js apps. Full support for Docker® and Kubernetes.

Bitmana is built on top of the line infrastructure with fast, reliable servers, 100% SSD storage, and enterprise grade backup. The ability to set auto-scaling of RAM and CPU with NO Downtime provides for No Worries operation. You can expect a reliable and high performance platform for your critical app.

Bitmana uses a pay for what you use pricing model. You never pay for an unneeded buffer of computing resources. Each deployment includes an allowance for traffic and disk space, and includes backups, at no additional cost. You also have the ability to put an environment to sleep, saving resource usage costs.
Bitmana pricing model can save up to 80% of the cost of a comparable fixed resource plan. You are billed for your minimum reserved resources, and then only for resources you actually use, up to the limits you set.

The Benefits of Bitmana PaaS