Public IP

Bitmana PaaS provides users with Shared Load Balancer (SLB) as a default single entry point for all of the hosted applications, located on the hardware nodes.

However, for the production environments, it is recommended receiving and processing the requests via Public IP address(es) that form a direct connection between the Internet and a specific container. Compared to the access over SLB, such approach ensures more secure and effective interaction.

Public IP can be attached to any software stack in your environment (except, Memcached node), representing a more stable solution with less risk to be affected by other applications. Also, it opens access to such features as FTP add-on, Custom SSL, remote debugging from IDE, WebSockets, etc.

In order to bind an external IP address to the required node, you need to set the required number of Public IPv4 within the central part of the topology wizard window.

To find and manage the allocated IPs in the existing environment, expand the appropriate node string in the environment topology list.

Here, upon hovering over IPs, you can get access to the following functionality:

  • Copy to Clipboard - copies the appropriate address in one click
  • Attach/Detach IP(s) - allows adjusting a number of Public IPs
  • Detach IP - removes a particular address