Personal Access Tokens

Personal Access Tokens are an alternative approach to authenticate API requests in Bitmana PaaS, which, in comparison to the default session-based method, provides greater versatility and reliability.

Among advantages of tokens, the following ones can be highlighted:

  • multiple tokens can be generated at once to support different tasks
  • simplified authentication with tokens (no need to perform additional request(s) to get a session) ensures smaller code-base and quicker response when using automation scripts
  • your credentials (login and password) are not exposed within scripts
  • tokens can authenticate just a specified part of the account functionality, so you can share them with co-workers and third-party assistants without creating a security breach
  • tokens can be supplemented with the expiration date or manually revoked at any time

Bitmana provides a fully functional visual interface for tokens management directly in the dashboard which makes it the preferable way to authenticate any API integration (especially on accounts with the two-factor authentication enabled)