On the very first login into the dashboard, Bitmana PaaS automatically starts a quick introduction guide. The tutorial includes information on the main functionality and features available for you and helps to deploy your first application. The whole process requires just a few minutes to complete and is an excellent basis to start working with the platform.

If needed, this tutorial can be manually run via the Help > Tutorial menu at any time:


Let’s walk through all of the tutorial steps.

  1. Guide starts with an introductory presentation. The first frame is named The Benefits of Bitmana PaaS, which provides a list of the central features of the platform.

    The Benefits of Bitmana PaaS
  2. The second Build Your Application Topology slide shows how to build your application topology using Bitmana PaaS components. Refer to the Concept & Terminology document for additional details.

    Build Your Application Topology
  3. The next Tune Your Resource Consumption frame demonstrates how to provide resources for the instances and how the estimated price is automatically calculated.

    Tune Your Resource Consumption
  4. The last Enjoy Pricing Advantages slide helps to explain the efficiency of the Bitmana usage-based pricing comparing to other cloud vendors’ models.

    Enjoy Pricing Advantages