How to deploy WordPress to Bitmana

This tutorial shows all the necessary steps to install WordPress through the creation of an environment with Apache, PHP and MariaDB.

Let's take a journey to PHP cloud hosting within Bitmana PaaS, its chief peculiarities, winning points, and rich possibilities provided for the efficient running of applications.

1. Create new environment

Login to the Bitmana Cloud console:

Press the "NEW ENVIRONMENT" button located at the top left. The new environment configuration tab will open.

2. Configure environment

- Balancing: Nginx 1.18.0
- Application Server: Apache 2.4.48 with PHP 8.0.10
- SQL: MariaDB 10.6.4 as Database
- Region we want to host, in this case we choose DE - Frankfurt (EU)
- The name of your environment, in this case it was called **awesome**

Finally, press the "Create" button to start creating the new virtual environment just configured.

3. Uploading code

You can upload your code or download the latest version of WordPress:

Open the Deployment Manager, located at the bottom left (1):

Then, press Upload (2) and upload the code.

After uploading, hover the uploaded archive and click the "Deploy to" button (3) located on the right next to the name of the archive.

Select the Application Server related to the environment just created (in this case awesome). Keep Path as default (ROOT).

Finally click Deploy.

4. Configuring database

After creating the environment, you will received an email having information of phpMyAdmin, MariaDB host & credentials from Bitmana Cloud.

To create database:

Login to phpMyAdmin, click New (1), specify the database name (for example: awesome). For collation, choose utf8mb4_unicode_ci

Then, click Create.

5. Installing Wordpress

Hover the enviroment name (awesome), a menu will appear, click Open in Browser

Follow the wizard to install Wordpress. Remember to specify database connection using the information on step 4.

If everything is fine, you will see this screen:

The next steps are easy, click "Run the installation"

You will be happy with your WordPress CMS hosted by Bitmana.