User Settings

Click the Settings button at the top-right corner of the dashboard to access User Settings configurations.

Here, you can find the following sections: Account, Access Tokens, SSH Keys, and Collaboration.

  1. The Account section allows managing two-factor authentication for your account, as well as changing the password.

  2. Within the Access Tokens tab, you can configure personal access tokens for your account.

  3. The SSH Keys / SSH Access points open the same section with four sub-tabs:

  • Public Keys - stores public keys added to the platform (required for remote access via local SSH client)
  • Private Keys - lists private keys added to the platform (required for access to your private Git repository over SSH)
  • SSH Connection - shows the required steps to connect to your account via SSH Gate and allows accessing particular nodes directly in the browser using Web SSH
  • SFTP / Direct SSH Access - displays connection data for SFTP/FISH protocols
  1. The Collaboration option includes two items - Shared by Me and Shared with Me. The first one allows managing users that you've shared environments with, while the second one shows the collaborations that include your account.