Tasks Panel

The Tasks panel is placed at the very bottom of the dashboard and contains live and historical data on the tasks that Bitmana PaaS is doing or has already done.

The following data is provided for each record:

  • Status - shows a state of the operation: spinner (in progress), green (success) or red (error) dot Tip: If a collaborator works on the account, the icon for the appropriate actions is automatically customized to simplify tasks analysis. Hover over such a custom icon to view the email address of the corresponding account.
  • Time - shows a starting time of the respective operation with the latest records displayed at the top of a tab (additionally, all tasks are grouped by days)
  • Environment - displays the name of the environment where the action was performed (or dash "-" if there is no target environment)
  • Task - provides an operation description and, in case of failure, error Tip: You can expand a task to view action parameters and server response (after completion). The content of these sections can be easily copied with the appropriate button that appears upon hovering over.
Recently occurred errors can be reported directly to the Bitmana Support team using the dedicated icon next to the failed operation.
  • Duration - shows an execution time of a task In case you need to view a complete list of actions performed on the account (i.e. not just the recent ones), switch to the Active Log tab (the magnifying glass icon). Here, you are provided with an advanced search and filter options to quickly locate the required tasks:

  • search is performed by the parameters and server response (i.e. the data upon expanding an operation) not the action description

  • you can set the date range as last 1/6/24 hour(s), current/previous week, current month, or provide your custom period

  • tick Errors only to hide all the successfully executed operations

Using the Tasks panel, you can always track the activity on your account, as well as troubleshoot any issues.