Help and Account Options

The last two sections of the dashboard are Help and Account (email address).

  1. The Help drop-down menu provides access to multiple useful links:
  • Contact Support redirects to the platform customers support page (sometimes available for billing users only)
  • Go to Community is a link to the Bitmana online community at Stackoverflow
  • Documentation navigates to the Bitmana's Documentation
  • API is a hyperlink to the Bitmana API Documentation
  • CLI redirects to the Command-Line Interface Overview
  • Video points to the Bitmana YouTube Channel
  • Tutorial starts a short, interactive guide, which explains the basics of working with the platform
  • How do I..? shows a list of documents relevant to your request
  1. Within the Account (email address) drop-down list, the following options are available:
  • Settings redirects you to the User Settings section
  • Change Password opens the same-named dialog box, where you need to fill in the required fields (Current Password, New Password, and Confirm Password)
  • Language allows changing the localization of the dashboard interface (if available)
  • Sign out to log out of the current account

Now, you know all of the basic dashboard possibilities and hopefully won't have any problems working with it.