Function Icons for Environments

Hover over a running environment to see multiple icons for its management: Set Alias, Region, Open in Browser, Settings, Change Environment Topology, Clone Environment, Start/Stop, Delete Environment, Add/Edit Env Groups.

  1. Use Set Alias icon to provide an alternative environment name (domain will remain unchanged).

  2. You can hover over the environment to instantly display its region (if multiple ones are available). Click on the appropriate icon (can vary based on your particular platform) to jump to the Migration tab of the environment settings section.

  3. Click the Open in Browser icon to open the environment in a new browser tab.

Note: This option could be absent in case your environment does not include application server and load balancer layers.

  1. Click on Settings icon to open a separate tab with numerous configuration panels, check the detailed description in the linked section.

  2. To Change Environment Topology, select the needed icon option. Perform the required changes in the appeared Topology Wizard dialog box and click Apply to submit them.

  3. To Clone Environment, click on the appropriate icon button. In the opened frame, specify a name for the new environment and click Clone.

  4. To change the status of the environment, use the Start and Stop buttons.

Note: When the environment is stopped, only the Settings, Clone Environment, Start, and Delete Environment buttons are available for it.

Also, the Settings tab for such an environment will contain only four active options: Collaboration, Change Owner, Migration, and Info.

  1. [DANGER ZONE] To Delete Environment, click on the following icon and confirm the action by entering your password.

  2. Hover over the Tags column to manage the groups of this environment with the Add/Edit Env Group buttons ( or respectively).