Dashboard Search

Bitmana PaaS provides a built-in search option for the dashboard. The core functionality is straightforward - access the Search form at the top-right corner (or use the Ctrl+F/Cmd+F shortcut), type a search term(s) and hit Enter. For example, you can locate a container by its IP/ID; search for the particular deployed project/environment; find and deploy applications from the Marketplace.

Herewith, the implemented search engine is highly customizable, which allows getting the most accurate results for the requests. Among the main options:

  • special characters for search expression (e.g. "-" prefix to exclude a term or "*" wildcard)
  • search source (either whole account or the current environment group)
  • categories filter to search among the selected entities (e.g. exclude the Marketplace packages or look for IPs only)

Additional details can be found in the help hint for the search form (circled in the image above).