Creating and Managing Environments

  1. Click New Environment in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

  2. The Topology Wizard will be opened, where you can fully customize your environment settings.

After finishing configurations, type your Environment Name, and click the Create button.

  1. All of your environments will be listed in the central panel of the dashboard.

The following information within the columns:

  • Name column includes the name (or alias if specified) of the environment, its domain and region icon. Using the triangle mark before the environment’s name, you can expand the list of nodes it includes.
  • Status column shows the current state of your environments (Running, Sleeping, Stopped, Creating, Launching, Stopping, Cloning, Redeploying, Exporting, Installing, Migrating, Deleting).
  • Tags column displays Environment Groups this environment belongs to, versions (tags) of the containers, and the name of the deployed project.
  • Usage column shows the current load (i.e. cloudlets and disk space usage). You can also find the Billing History billing history icon button here, which leads to a separate tab with statistics on your spends on the current environment.
  1. That's it. You can access your project page now: